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The third of the six discs in the Archipelago's Islands series, Immanent features three pieces that continue the narrative begun in Causal Collapse, drawing upon the writings and concepts of esoteric science-fiction author A. A. Attanasio:

[Skyle] "It had experienced him wholly, shining with the full possibilities of life, and eaten the strange, rectifying the dimensionally charged gap between the optimal and the actual. Crags of tree-crowded rock floated in space, glinting with waterfalls and rainbows, the purple sky around them swarming with their shadows and delirious cloudshapes. Hard to believe that when the infinity virus first arrived here there was nothing but infalling cosmic dust and light."

[Freemantic] "Where his flesh was, or should have been a palpable blackness throbbed. Gazing into the core-darkness of his body, glimmers of understanding flitted acorss his brain: He was bigger than he knew, and getting stronger, drawing strength from the sky, from the very core of the universe. The Voice was not a delusion. It was real and he, the listener, was the dream."

[Eth] "Only then did he comprehend. The fear that had surged out of him a moment ago had reshaped the future. This nameless man with the haunted, in-looking eyes was the physical shape of his fear--his shadowself. This man, somewhere in time, was him, his secret self, as unaware of his psynergy as he was conscious of his immanence."


released January 1, 2001

concept & realization by seofon
additional concept on 1. & 2. by tahoe foster



all rights reserved


Seofon San Francisco, California

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